Quick, Easy Ways To Avoid An Accidental Home Fire

Quick, Easy Ways To Avoid An Accidental Home Fire

There's no doubt about it — dryer vent cleaning is one of the biggest things people overlook in their homes. At J.R. Air Duct Cleaning, we're here to share a few of our favorite home fire safety tips to ensure that you avoid accidental home fires. Not sure where to start? Find out below, then contact us today for your dryer vent cleaning needs.

lint in dryer trap

Clean Out Dryer Lint Regularly

The best way to avoid a dryer fire is to clean out your lint screen after each use. Lint is highly combustible, so it's important to remove it from your home as soon as possible. We recommend using a vacuum cleaner with a long hose attachment to reach all the way into the back of your dryer.

person loading dryer

Avoid Overloading The Dryer

Another way to prevent a dryer fire is to avoid overloading it. When you overload the dryer, clothes don't have enough room to tumble and the dryer has to work harder. This could cause the dryer to overheat and catch fire.

space heater

Inspect All Heating Sources

Not only should you inspect your dryer vent, but you should also inspect all other heating sources in your home. This includes space heaters, fireplaces, and anything else that emits heat. Make sure these sources are clean and in good working condition to avoid a fire.

inside of dryer vent

Invest In Regular Maintenance

Finally, if you want to avoid an accidental home fire, the best thing you can do is invest in regular maintenance. This includes having your dryer vent cleaned, and at J.R. Air Duct Cleaning, we're proud to offer dryer vent cleaning services so you can make absolutely certain the work was done properly.

The idea of a dryer fire is scary, but if you follow the tips above, you're doing your part to minimize risks and help keep your home safer. Ready to schedule a visit? Contact us today!

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