Save Money and Conserve Energy With These Easy Steps


Save Money and Conserve Energy With These Easy Steps

Watching your energy bills climb every month is not only unnecessary, but it’s entirely avoidable. Sometimes it’s like being a frog in a pot, not noticing the rising temperature of the water until it’s too late. Receiving and paying the bills doesn’t have to be a recurring nightmare, peering at the bill with dread and anticipation.

There are a number of steps you can take to keep your bills low while remaining energy sound and fit. Developing healthy habits of energy conservation will amount to more money staying with you. It’s not difficult once you get started and soon enough, the habits will become second nature.

Use LED lights

Are you still using 40-, 80-, or 120- watt bulbs? By switching to LED bulbs, you will enjoy savings that may appear as pennies up close but annually add up to dollars. You’ll be happy when you see those dollars pile up in your pocket.

End the draft

Put an end to those drafts by your windows and doors by sealing them with weather-stripping or caulking. No more procrastination when there is money on the line.

Lock down the chimney

If you have a chimney, you probably only use it during certain seasons. If it isn’t during that season, the fireplace and flue should be closed off. This will keep any air conditioning or natural heating from going up and out.

Insulating the attic

Warm air rises but it doesn’t have to leave your house. Putting the right insulation in your attic not only is practical but also makes sure that you’re not losing heat you’ve already paid for.

Close doors and vents in unused rooms

If you have rooms in your home that don’t get used often, it’s not necessary to heat or cool them constantly. Cut down on your energy bill by closing the door and vents to unused rooms or areas.

Electric blankets make warm beds

Raising the thermostat to ensure you have a warm bed doesn’t make as much sense as an electric blanket. Warming the blanket ensures that you’ll have a sound sleep and not have to worry about a high electric bill.

Smart thermostats are here

Regulating the heat or cool air has never been easier with readily available technology on the market. You can program your thermostat with your smartphone and reduce energy use when you’re not home.

Use Cold Water When You Wash

Watch your energy bill get slashed by washing your laundry in cold or warm water. Get clean clothes while reducing the heat on the water and seeing your bill go down.

Utility discount availability

Ask your utility provider if they reward good behavior from consumers who are concerned about energy conservancy. They might have cheaper rates during the day which can make energy-intensive activities like laundry cheaper to do.

Change your water heater temperature

Did you know that water heaters have a default setting of 140 degrees set by their manufacturer? If you lower this by just 20 degrees, it will lower your water heating costs and every little bit helps.

The next time you are looking at your monthly budget and are thinking about ways to save, look around your home. By making just a few simple adjustments, you could be putting money back in your pocket rather than watch it fly out the window.