Should Air Duct Cleaning Be on Your Spring Cleaning List?

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Should Air Duct Cleaning Be on Your Spring Cleaning List?

When most people think about spring cleaning, garage organization or storage cleaning usually come to mind, but what about cleaning out your air ducts? At J.R. Air Duct Cleaning in New Jersey, we clean and refresh both residential and commercial properties to make sure the air you are breathing is clean to keep you healthy. Here are several reasons to get your ducts cleaned out in the spring! Contact us today for all of our duct cleaning services!

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Potential Rodent Housing

The ducts in your home make for excellent rodent housing — at least, according to mice and rats. These vermin are able to find warm housing in your air ducts during the fall and winter and need to be flushed out. Getting your ducts cleaned in the spring can help to get rid of virus-carrying critters from your home so that you and your family will stay healthy!


Dust and Debris

After being inside all winter, dust, dander, and other forms of air pollutants can build up in your duct system, being recycled and pushed around your home. Having J.R Air Duct Cleaning refresh your system can prevent dust buildup on surfaces and help the air in your home to be clean and free of dust and other particles.



During the spring, while doors and windows are being opened because of the warmer weather, pollen is collecting in your home and ending up in your air ducts. If you have allergies or are worried about pollen in your duct system, it may be time to get them cleaned! Reach out to us today with any questions you might have regarding our services.



If you have noticed that your home is smelling musty or have noticed mold growing in your home, it is probably time to get your air ducts cleaned. Not every part of your system can be visibly checked so they need to be taken apart for cleaning. That’s where we come in! Contact us today if you think mold may be growing in your air ducts.

Spring is a great time to refresh your home and make sure everything is in order for the coming year! Don’t forget to get your air ducts cleaned to rid your home of dust, pollen, mold, viruses and anything else that may have collected there over the winter. Be springtime ready! Contact J.R. Air Duct Cleaning today.

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