Signs of Leaking Air Ducts or Air Vents


Signs of Leaking Air Ducts or Air Vents

Air ducts, like most things made by humans, are not perfect. They wear out and can leak air, so much in fact that they can be huge energy wasters, depending on the quality of the air ducts or air vents themselves. So how do you know if your air ducts should be replaced with better quality ones? J.R. Air Duct Cleaning in Hackensack offers both residential and commercial air duct and dryer vent cleaning services in New Jersey. In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the tell-tale signs that air ducts are leaking air. Contact us today to get started!


  1. Unexplained increase in utility bills. While there can be many causes of an increase in utility bills (such as an inefficient HVAC system), this is one sign your air ducts may be leaking air, which would cause your system to run longer than it normally would.
  2. One room in your home or business is hotter or colder than the others. When your air ducts are leaking air, there will be spots where the air is escaping, preventing this air from reaching certain areas of your home or business. If your rooms are disproportionately hotter or colder than the others, you should definitely have your ductwork inspected by J.R. Air Duct Cleaning in Hackensack.
  3. You’re swimming in your air. It can get pretty humid in New Jersey, especially in the summer. However, your home or business should be a haven from this heat. If you notice the air inside of your home or business is humid, this could be because your air ducts are not moving the air in and out of your home efficiently due to a leak.
  4. You feel you’re in a dust storm. If your air ducts are leaking, the dust in your home or business is not being properly filtered, which can lead to an accumulation in your duct work that is then being blown into your home or business.
  5. Backdrafting. Your air ducts are designed to take hazardous air that your water heater, clothes dryer, and gas furnace produce away from the home or your business. However, if you have an air duct leak, some of this air can be pulled back into your home or business. This can be dangerous and is one reason to have your air ducts and dryer ducts in your home or business inspected annually by a quality air duct cleaning company, such as J.R. Air Duct Cleaning in New Jersey.

While you’ll never have a 100% leakless air duct system, you can have better air ducts in general that have less leaks. Furthermore, if you invest in air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning for your home or business, you’ll prevent a lot of the problems that leaking ducts cause by simply removing all the dirt, dust, grime, and other allergens that can accumulate in your air duct system.

J.R. Air Duct Cleaning in New Jersey is your go-to for all air duct cleaning and air duct inspection work. If you suspect a leak in your air ducts, don’t wait. Call us today!