Odds are you don’t think too much about your clothes dryer. Most people don’t except for when it’s in use. Keep in mind that every time you dry your clothing, lint will be loosened from all your garments. While you might be mindful of cleaning your removable lint filter, lint has a way of getting trapped inside the ducts or within the dryer vent hose. That buildup can create a hazard of fire, and every year more than 15,000 Americans experience a dryer fire.

If your clothes aren’t constantly drying, the outside of the dryer feels hot to the touch, or your laundry room feels more humid than usual, there’s a good chance the dryer and the vents require cleaning. Since 2011, J R Air Duct Cleaning has helped clients in and around the Hackensack area to keep their dryers operating safely. Our team can thoroughly clean your dryer vent and ductwork, which reduces the risk of your dryer catching on fire. We can also install a dryer vent alarm which warns you with an audible alert when airflow is restricted due to lint buildup in your dryer’s ventilation system.

Safeguarding your family is probably cheaper than you think! Contact us online or by phone today to schedule an appointment.