I had some massive buildup of lint in my dryer and I needed to get it cleaned Asap. I did a quick google search and called a few places around but they were not available immediately. When I called JR Air Duct Cleaning they immediately picked the phone and scheduled appointment for the very next day in the morning. I went ahead and told them to do my ducts also, having a 2 story house the price that they quoted was very reasonable including for the dryer work which was separate. I was so glad I called them. They were very courteous and talked me through the step by step process on what they were going to do. They were very thorough with all the ducts and took extra time for my dryer and explained about all the nuances about proper venting that is needed for dryer and how often to clean behind the dryer because lint gets trapped behind it also; I didn’t know that. They finished the work in about 3 – 4 hours. All in all I had very positive experience with the Duct cleaning crew. I would definitely call them again for my future duct cleaning and would also highly recommend to my family and friends. Thank you John and crew!

Thomas T